An experience by the levadas and island veredas in small groups or private, so as to have comfort and a quiet walk with information on the history of the island of Madeira, the fauna and flora, with certified guide. We do other walks and tours more in specific parts.

per Route: 37 Eur

Everyday - Full day

Rabaçal / 25 Fontes

The origin of the name 25 fountains is due to the fact that 25 fountains can be counted on arrival at the place, This levada is one of the most famous of the whole island. Landscapes and unforgettable sensations will stay in the thoughts of those who do this levada. Starting from Rabaçal, you will find an immense variety of species of madeiran flora and fauna.

Pico do Arieiro / Pico Ruivo

This path connects the two highest points of Madeira Island, Pico do Areeiro and Pico Ruivo. This trail takes us through part of the great and majestic central massif of the island. This route is filled with extraordinary landscapes, steep slopes, tunnels and belvederes.

*minimum of 4 persons


Boca do Risco - Larano is a spectacular trail that encompasses the agricultural component, the exotic scenarios of regional botany and reveals the incomparable scenery of the slopes of Madeira. Boca do Risco Trail is by itself a very interesting and stunning route that was once used for people to move between more distant places.

Caldeirão Verde

What's best on a hot summer day, than to dive into a cool, shadow-filled forest with waterfalls and streams cooling the air? The island of Madeira has an interior full of levadas and trails that run through the ancient Laurissílva forest. The Green Cauldron is the final goal of one of them, a lake surrounded by a cliff enveloped in grove.

Ponta São Lourenço

This walk starts in the most eastern part of the island of Madeira. Along the way you will marvel at the fabulous landscapes of the north and south coast of the Island. The sense of the serenity of the southern sea contrasts with the aggressiveness of the northern sea is indescribable. During the tour, to the characteristic wind of this zone, you can appreciate beautiful specimens of unique species of fauna and flora of the Region. Also there are very curious rock formations, result of the volcanic origin of the Island.

Pico Ruivo

This trail is the fastest and easiest to get to the highest peak of the island of Madeira, Pico Ruivo (1861m). In a breathtaking landscape on the vegetation of altitude and all the rock formation of volcanic origin, in the highest peaks of the island.

On days of good visibility for this one you can see the rocky formation of Penha D'Águia, Serra das Funduras and Ponta de S. Lourenço (extreme east of Madeira Island).

Levada do Rei / Ribeiro Bonito

This route leads to the King's Levada and initially passes an exotic forest zone combined with examples of indigenous vegetation. In this initial zone it is possible to observe the beautiful agricultural and panoramic landscapes of São Jorge and Santana. From the middle of the route, the levada that crosses the slope, from the interior of the island, crosses an area of natural forest well developed and rich in natural biodiversity.

per Route: 27 Eur

Everyday - Half a day

Levada da Referta / Castelejo

This is one of the easiest walks to do, with a landscape over the village of Porto da Cruz. At the beginning of the walk has a variety of agricultural plantations, it is a place to know a little about the local life of the north coast of the island.

Includes: Certificate Guide, Insurance, Round-trip transportation to hotel
Pickup: Between Santana, Machico, Santa cruz and Funchal

Outside of above areas: 10 Eur fee

Recommended equipment:
Sport shoes and hiking boots, comfortable clothing, waterproof jacket. Advisable, cap and sunscreen.

Hiking Reservation

Typical our hikes start in the morning at 9h.
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