Explore Nature is a tourist animation company on the Madeira Island dedicated to the Walks, Levadas and Trail Running, with the aim of showing the true Madeira.

Our Mission

Explore Nature is designed to show you the best places in Madeira with official guides who were born and raised in Madeira so they can explain all their history and traditions, explain the fauna and flora that exists throughout the island, in particular the Laurissilva forest that occupies twenty percent of the total of the island. The goal is for customers to feel Madeiran for a few days and enjoy a wonderful vacation. In fact, we want to show the real Madeira Island.

Our services are small group walks or private walks, we also have one week group programs that include multi-level walks as well as island van tours.

You just need to buy the flight and book the holidays, we make a program for your vacation.

The Guide

The company was founded by Trail Running athlete and mountain guide Luís Fernandes, native of Madeira, who is a very experienced athlete in mountain races and a deep connoisseur of the trails of the Island.

In its sports curriculum, among other outstanding results, he has two victories in the main trail running event organized in Madeira (MIUT®), one in the distance of 85 km and another in the distance of 115 km.

Internationally, he has represented Portugal several times in World and European Championships of Trail Running and Skyrunning. He has participated in competitions in the Pyrenees and in the Alps. At the world’s premier trail running event (UTMB®) he did 170km in 22 hours and 49 minutes.

In addition to sports is a very knowledgeable guide to the trails and history of Madeira Island.