Explore Nature is a tourist animation company, dedicated to the area of active tourism, in particular race / mountain tours (Trail Running).

Running Tours

Tours provided on a daily basis

Half day Trail


Larano, Portela, Ponta de São Lourenço, Poiso, Machico

Full day short


Porto da Cruz, Santana, Portela, Poiso, Machico, Encumeada

Full day long


Porto da Cruz, Santana, Portela, Poiso, Machico

Other options

If you prefer we can provide a hiking or private tour according to your preference

Hiking Tours

Half day or full day routes

We can provide:

Private Tours

Half or full day private tours. Per request and to a maximum of 7 persons.

We can provide:

What we offer on all our tours

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Trail Tour Reservation

Typical our trail tours start in the morning at 9h.
If you wish another option please provide more details and submit anyway.