Madeira Island

Madeira Island is one of the best destinations in the world for walking holidays.

Madeira is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, about fifteen miles from the Moroccan coast and about 900 kilometers from Lisbon. There are four island groups in the archipelago; the largest is in Madeira, then in Porto Santo and as uninhabited islands of Desertas and Selvagens.

The island of Madeira has an area of ​​741 km2 and 57 km in length and 22 km in width. Thanks to their excellent geographical location and mountainous relief, these islands have a surprisingly pleasant climate, with pleasant moderate and average temperatures of 25ºC in summer and 17ºC in winter, a subtropical climate.

It is possible to tour Madeira all year round, with major attractions such as walking in Levadas.

Come visit one of the best islands in the world.


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